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Nyepi or known as silence day is the Hindu New Year according to the Saka (lunar) calendar. In contrast to the New Year celebration every 1st of January following the Christian calendar which is celebrated in full fanfare, the Saka New Year is celebrated with silence.... view more


Mepantigan is a form of martial art that combines fight, drama, dance, and gamelan music. It came from a combination of traditional Balinese martial arts like Sitembak, 7 Harian, Depok (usually called Tengklung), with tae kwon do and capoeira.... view more


A Balinese ceremony known as Ngaben is one of the important ceremony in Bali. A series of Pitra Yadnya ceremony is a ceremony held for the deceased. The meaning of the ceremony is to purify the spirit (atma) of the deceased person.... view more