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Visas – Kitas – Kitap – Retirement

Posted by Carlos on June 13, 2020
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The Indonesian Ministry of Immigration offers a multitude of visas that differ depending on the purpose and duration of your stay in Bali. Holidays, investment, temporary or long term expatriation, retirement, journalism etc….

The Tourist Visa

Whatever tourist visa you want, you will just need to provide a passport with a validity date exceeding 6 months and a return or continuation air ticket to another country.

If you come to Bali for your holidays, to visit family or friends, to participate in an artistic or cultural event, an exhibition or a meeting, travellers from 169 countries (Visa exemption countries list) will automatically be given a visa valid for 30 days upon arrival at the airport. There is no possibility of extension with this option.

Nationals from 68 countries (Visa On Arrival countries) who wish to stay up to 60 days in Bali and the rest of Indonesia can choose the visa called “Visa On Arrival” (VOA). These travellers will purchase a visa valid for 30 days at the airport. Before the expiry date, they can apply for an extension for up to another 30 days.

Social and business visas

Purpose of the stay: tourism, business, family, education, social or cultural activity, journalism.

These visas are to be applied in an Indonesian embassy before going to Indonesia. From the date of arrival, the visa will be valid for a maximum of 60 days with the possibility of 4 extensions of 1 month without leaving the country. That means a maximum stay of 6 months in the country. The visa automatically expires if you leave Indonesia, you will then have to make a new application in an embassy or take a tourist visa at the airport.

A multiple-entry visa can also be requested. It will only be valid for stays of less than 60 days within a 12-month period.

KITAS – KITAP and the work permit (IMTA)

KITAS and KITAP are for foreign nationals who wish to expatriate to live in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia. They concern investors, foreign workers and foreigners who wish to spend their retirement in Indonesia. For those who wish to work, they will also need to obtain a work permit (IMTA). The first KITAS must be applied in an Indonesian embassy. It will then be validated for a period of one year and renewable every year for 5 years without obligation to leave the country. However, it will be necessary to apply to the Indonesian authorities to obtain the extension. The KITAP is obtained after 5 years of KITAS on the same company with foreign capital (PMA).

The minimum age for KITAS retirement is 55 years old.

Tourist visas are very easy to obtain. For the other visas and the work permit, it is preferable to be helped by an agent who will help you make the task easier. Optimum Bali is happy to help its clients to obtain the appropriate visa.

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