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Villa Management

The service of management of the villa is for the owners who wish to optimize their investment trusting professionals to take care of managing their property in order to be able to concentrate on their own activities without having to deal with daily problems in their secondary home.

We offer 2 different services depending on your situation, the best combination being to have both services.

I – Monthly fee

The calculation of a monthly fee for the following duties :

Staff management:

Optimum Bali makes sure that the competent staff is listening to the clients in order to answer to the best to their expectations. Optimum Bali will train and will follow up the staff. If necessary, we can recruit the staff. We will hand the salaries to the staff at the end of each month.

Care and maintenance:

Optimum Bali makes sure that the villa will be taking care of. This is regarding the buildings, the garden as well as all the equipments like the hot water cane, the air conditioners and the swimming pools. In any needs of repair or renovation, we will look after the work.

Bills Payment:

Electricity, telephone, internet, maintenance, etc…

The running costs are calculated with the owner and are funded in advance on a quarterly basis. A monthly report will be established.
The monthly fee contract, payable in advance on a quarterly basis, is established for a year period including a trial run of 3 months.

II – Marketing contract

A commission calculated on the villa’s incomes for the following duties :


The agent promises to promote in priority your villa to optimize the occupancy rate and reserve a first choice location on the internet site www.optimumbali.com. We organize the visits of the villa rental agencies and make the partnership contracts. Our secretary coordinates the booking calendar.

Responsibilities toward the clients:

An interlocutor will be present during the entire stay. He will be able to organize trips, cultural and sport activities, find a baby-sitter or a chef, a rental car… He will do everything to please each client.

The marketing contract is established for a period of 1 year including a trial period of 3 months.
The accounts showing the commission deducted from the villa’s income will be presented to the owner every month.

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