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Villa Management

The villa management service is suitable for owners looking to optimize their investment by entrusting professionals with the management of their property, allowing them to focus on their activities without having to worry about the daily issues of their vacation home.

We offer two complementary contracts:

I – The monthly package

It is a fixed monthly fee covering the following tasks:

Staff management:

Optimum Bali will ensure that competent staff are attentive to clients in order to best meet their expectations. To achieve this, the staff will be trained by us and monitored regularly. If necessary, we can also handle recruitment. Finally, we distribute salaries at the end of the month.


Optimum Bali ensures that the villa is properly maintained and well-kept. Clients have the ability to contact the marketing/reservation and emergency/maintenance teams by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In the event of a need for repair or renovation, Optimum Bali will handle the organization and execution of the work. We commit to carrying out quality repair work at the best possible rates and to using our own team as often as possible without additional charges to the second party. All work and purchases will be billed to the client at cost price.

Bill payments:

Optimum Bali handles the payment of all bills related to villa expenses (electricity, phone, internet, maintenance, etc…)

II – The Marketing contract

This involves a commission based on the revenue generated by the villa for the following tasks:


Thanks to a team of experienced professionals, efficient tools, and a commercial strategy that continuously adapts to market demands, Optimum Bali is committed to promoting your villa as effectively as possible to optimize occupancy rates and revenue.
We handle the establishment of partnership contracts and coordinate the reservation calendar and rental payments. Our online reservation calendar is updated in real-time and can be accessed 24/7.

Client care:

Optimum Bali takes care of clients from the moment they arrive at the airport. We can personally escort them to the villa and ensure they are settled in. A dedicated contact person will be available throughout their stay to assist with any needs. This person can organize excursions, sports and cultural activities, help find a babysitter or a cook, arrange a rental vehicle, and more. They will do everything possible to satisfy each guest’s desires.

Contracts are established for a duration of 1 year, including a 3-month trial period.

Every month, Optimum Bali provides the villa owner with a financial report detailing the villa’s income, commissions and expenses, as well as the account balance.

Optimum Bali is also in charge of filing the tax returns and paying the taxes related to the villa on behalf of the villa owner. An official receipt will be issued by the tax authorities in the owner’s name.

Invest with peace of mind. We’ll take care of your investment with integrity and transparency.

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