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5 Best Surf Spots in Bali

Posted by Carlos on July 20, 2020
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The island of Bali is famous for its raw beauty. Paddy fields spread across the island, beaches with black or white sand with crystal clear water and breathtaking sunset views can be seen every day.
Thousands of people come to Bali every year to enjoy the beauty of those beaches, most especially for surfing lovers, Bali is the perfect paradise.

The best surf spots in Bali are mostly on the southern coasts and around Bukit peninsula, each spot has a different level of difficulties. Most beginners are learning how to keep their balance on the board in Kuta or Legian area. These areas are easy to access and there are many surf school offering private a day lesson for those who need guidance.
Reef breaks and greater curls of waves in southern Bukit peninsula are suitable for advanced surfers or pros. Some of these pros hangouts offer long consistent waves or even serious swells which are loved by skilled surfers around the world.

Below are some of the best spots for the advanced surfer in Bali:

1. Padang-Padang
This beach is famous for its long waves and is a home for some surfing championship such as Rip Curl Padang-Padang.

2. Keramas
Keramas beach has black sand due to volcanic activities. This beach often holds night surfing events and now is getting popular since they build the Komune Beach Resort.

3. Uluwatu
Uluwatu beach is one of the top spot to surf, it has the most consistent waves compare to other beaches in Bukit peninsula. Throughout the day, the waves keep stable at several different times.

4. Impossibles
Impossibles got its name from how difficult it used to be to access the beach. The waves in this beach are big and fast, it provides a challenging session for the pros surfer.

5. Canggu
Canggu has some surf spot, like Echo Beach, Batu Bolong, and Berawa. Echo beach is the center of Canggu surf scene, that’s why it has the biggest crowd. Berawa offers multiple peaks breaking over the long stretch of beach.
While Batu Bolong is a great for beginner to intermediate surfers since it has a very fat wave with little power, making it good if you are a beginner with a longboard.

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