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The Mighty Mount Agung

Posted by Carlos on July 20, 2020
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Bali island is famous for its beautiful and wavy beaches.
However, I would like to talk about the mighty Mount Agung in this article.

Let’s not forget about her breathtakingly beautiful landscape as Bali’s highest point, Mount Agung also harnesses great power.
As you might already know or have heard, Mount Agung ‘shook’ the world and became the most talked about topic in every news channel following her November 2017 eruption.

The Balinese believe that Mount Agung is the abode of the gods, therefore they do their best to keep this volcano revered and sacred.
One of Bali’s main temple, Pura Besakih is also known as the mother of all temples, is located on the slopes of Mount Agung.
The Balinese also believe that as soon as a soul is released from the body, it will go to a higher place. Once there, a departed soul will then be reincarnated into a new person with a higher position and better abilities.

Mount Agung inspires beauty, peace, and tranquility. Its charm also challenges mountain climbers around the world to conquer the highest mountain in Bali.
When the weather is good, from the peak of mount Agung you might see the peak of Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

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